Easy Nokia 105 LCD Ways Display Problem Solution 

sometime you receive some customer Nokia 105 mobile phone display not working properly. after change still display not working. there is some different type of problem showing if display any line is short. white display, black display, no light etc. before make this jumper also you should clean your device motherboard. using avo meter you can find nokia 105 lcd ways easily. 

you can easily solve your display problem after follow this below image. at first make sure your mobile phone display is not corrupted. if display damage or broken replace it first. after that check this bleon marking lince one by one using avo meter. 

if you find any line is short just re-soldering that line using copper coil. after that i hope you will see display is working. done Nokia 105 lcd ways. thank you for visit our site. if you need more help ask on comments.     

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